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By Photographer Dan Harris

A home-studio photography business in Jacksonville, FL
1124 Riviera St.  Jacksonville, FL  32207 (904) 398-7668



~ Dan Harris is a certified member of the elite Wedding Photo Journalist Association ~
(less than 5% of all wedding photographers qualify for membership)
and a qualifying NPS Member (Nikon Professional Services)
and on the Board of Directors of the Jacksonville Professional Photographer's Guild.

Father / Photojournalist / Mentor/Instructor


1124 Riviera Street Jacksonville, FL 32207 904-398-7668

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Our booth was voted "Most Creative and Best Overal"
by brides attending the Jacksonville Bridal Show at UNF.

Thanks for visiting my photography website! I'm a pretty easy going, fun-loving guy. (I'm sorry I have to interrupt right here, to be honest, I'm really not pretty, maybe when I was younger I was better looking but never really considered pretty, as a young child I was cute but as you can see by my picture, I eventually grew out of it.) My personality is fun, low-key, authentic and down-to-earth, so that's how my website and my working demeanor is!

Photography is my passion (but don't get me started or we will be here all night!) There is nothing better than doing what you love to do! It brings excitement and strength to ones being. It is my purpose and vision to capture and preserve the essence of your work, relationships and life events, to be cherished by you, your family and future generations. If you connect to my vision... welcome... I'm glad we found each other and look forward to working with you on your next endeavor.

Dan Harris Photographer ready for battle

I have loaded this website with tons of information about what I do along with my core beliefs about how I believe it should be done with the hopes that it will benefit you whether you use my services or not. This website has more words and less photos, I have others with more photos and less words. I post hundreds of my typical photos online for all to see --this insures an honest representation of what exactly I can do for you. A successful photography business combines ART, SCIENCE and good BUSINESS practises. Today too many photographer's websites are only showing you their ART so you only have one-third of the information you need to make an informed decision.

working photographer

I don't use my website (or facebook or blog space or twitter posts or pintrest or you-tube or me-toobe or facespace or angry tweety-birds) to 'over-sell' my services or what I can do for you. You won't find me using 'advertising hype' words and saying "I am awesome and this was the most incredible shoot I have ever done". Too many photographers today (who failed photography classes in college) promote lots of 'pretty' pictures and cool videos on their website and I guess are convinced that they are 'phenomenal' (and they have done a good job of convincing their followers too) ...I've seen their work, watched them grow their business, know their backstory, know people who have worked for them and with them and heard plenty of the 'behind-the-scenes' stories and I'm sorry to say, ...sadly, the hype just doesn't add up to the reality, nice people unintentionally leaving a wake of disappointment.

Photographer Dan hits the ground for the brideNow I know this isn't the way the advertising gurus say it should be done and I know some of my competition will use this against me, in fact, I may actually miss some 'high-flutin' jobs because of it, but I am just one guy with a lot of talent and limited amounts of time, so I really only want to work with decent people with realistic expectations who will be pleasantly delighted by what I can do for them. Being an authentic and honest person, I refuse to oversell and under-deliver, it's just not my style! Life is too short to do otherwise. Let's just say this is my way of sharing my passion joyously.

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