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By Photographer Dan Harris

A home-studio photography business in Jacksonville, FL
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Wedding Photos on CD or DVD
Click here to view Wedding DVD slideshows from actual events.


Your Wedding Pictures on CD (just the images, no music)

We scan your wedding day photos* and create 'thumbnail' images perfect for use in e-mails and digital picture frames or you can use them to create your own website! You can copy these to your own personal computer and burn additional CD's for your friends. You can use them to create your own website.


DVD Slideshow

This DVD contains only select images from your event (typically your album photos) that are scanned and set to music on a personalized DVD slideshow that is more like a video rather than a simple computer slideshow and is perfect to view from any computer or DVD player as your own virtual wedding album. We will post it online and you can share it on your Facebook or MySpace pages. Click here to view Click here to view wedding DVD slideshows from actual events.

*copyrighted photos require a signed release granting permission for scanning. All original photos submitted for scanning will be returned unharmed. Pricing is determined by the number of photos on the CD.

E-mail for a wedding CD price quote or for a free sample .


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