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High Definition Still Photography
By Photographer Dan Harris

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Learn the differences between: Professional Medium Format Digital; 35mm full frame; half frame; pro-sumer and consumer digital cameras.

High Definition Still Photography
By Jacksonville Florida Photographer Dan Harris

Check it out, I took some quick photos with 3 different digital cameras and made a quick comparison:

Here's the full shot:

Here's the blow-up of a portion of each image:

Compact Consumer 'Point-and-Shoot' Digital Camera:

Camera Test3


Professional High-Definition Large-Format Digital Camera:

Camera Test

Professional DSLR Digital Camera:

Camera test2


This wasn't a highly sophisticated or scientific test (3 different camera brands, - all decent quality, - no brand bashing here) All set to auto white balance, focus and exposure. Just like shopping for diamonds; I find the differences in Contrast, Color and Clarity quite interesting! Paying customers who are preparing for their next photoshoot or event are welcome to set a studio appointment for the full details. You will really appreciate our superior quality by viewing our work in person.

Veiw some additional high-resolution examples online at


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