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Wedding Album Design Helpful Hints

We don't believe we have the monopoly on artistic talent especially when it comes to the design of your album. We believe you should '...have it your way!' Some of our customers have had some photography experience, art classes or design training and have a strong appreciation of our work because of that knowledge. That is why we allow our customers as much input as they want in the design and layout of their Traditional Matted Album. Our Heirloom Leather Art Album or Coffee-Table Album includes complete design services.

Here are a few 'helpful hints' and reminders that will insure your album is the best it can be:

  1. Leave some blank space throughout the album. The images need some 'breathing room'. It is tempting to stuff the album with the maximum number of photos or to use the largest size photos on the enlargement pages, but this may not be the most aesthetically pleasing. A well-designed album will contain an average of 2 ½ to 3 images per page. You will be very glad that you chose to spend the little extra to add a couple pages rather than cram the album with too many photos.
  2. Design the pages as they will be viewed. Page #1 is alone on the right. Page #2 & #3 make a complete spread together on the left and right, etc. Design them to work together and complement each other.
  3. Use your enlargement pages throughout the album. Pages with 3 or more photos need to be 'broken-up' by pages with less photos. Don't run too many pages of the same design consecutively.
  4. Choose the design layout to match the photographs so as to enhance the image. Ask yourself would this photo look better larger? Or smaller? Tilted? Cropped? Converted to B&W? browntone? Does this image lead in a certain direction? Remember: when you enlarge grainy or blurry images the effect of the grain or blurriness also increases.
  5. Enlargements add emphasis and importance to an image. Images containing lots of people or expansive outdoor scenics (with the people being small) or architectural location images show more detail when viewed as larger images.
  6. Location details or intimate tight shots can be very effective in adding a touch of interest, whimsy or detail to a page that may otherwise only appear documentary. Detail images can be effectively used to visually 'break-up' a seemingly mundane string of formal family group portraits.
  7. Location detail shots, artsey pattern photos or blurry images (i.e.: stained glass, tiles, makeup, flowers, architectural highlights, sunset, night shots, blurry dancing photos, etc.) make for great background photos on a photo-montage page. They can be faded in the background with more detailed photos printed on top.
  8. Dark colors recede, light and bright colors advance. Horizontal images are more calming, vertical ones express more action. Pages prefer more weight at the bottom. (A photo with 5 people has more 'weight' than one of 3).
  9. Albums are viewed from left to right. Images prefer more space in the direction of travel. Layout the images so they lead your eyes in the direction you want them to go. An image on the far left edge of the page that is looking left may be incongruous to the page design as it is leading backwards (facing out of the album instead of in).
Put together your ideas and share them with us and we will improve upon them and help you create the most memorable album of your special day.



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