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By Photographer Dan Harris

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Our Guarantees
By Florida Wedding Photographer Dan Harris


We guarantee our framed wall PhotoArt to NEVER WARP, even under the most extreme conditions! We will either fix or replace it if the photograph ever shows any signs of warping.

Years ago I had an enlargement made of my first family portrait, it looked GREAT! It cost a lot of money (at the time) considering I was just starting college. I hung that portrait in every rental we lived in. When we moved from that Western college town out to Florida we had our favorite family portrait packed neatly in our rental trailer for the 3-4 day cross-country trek.

While unpacking I was disappointed to find that our family heirloom that had been professionally mounted and framed had warped due to the humidity. After talking to several framers and photographers we learned that because of the glues and materials used in the mounting process there was little that could be done.

So today I insure that my customers will never have this same problem. I mount wall PhotoArt on stretch canvas which contracts and expands with humidity changes but remains stretched taut.

We guarantee all our Art-Leather albums and our portrait reprints, if you ever have a problem we will fix it. (due to the manufacture's design, we can only guarantee flush-mount albums against manufacturing defects for 30-days after delivery, if a problem were to arise requiring extensive repair we will offer the bride a replacement album at our cost -50%.)

Totally Guaranteed!
If you don't like your photos, we will re-do them!
~ no problem, no worries ~

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