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Uncompromised Quality Photography
By Photographer Dan Harris

A home-studio photography business in Jacksonville, FL
1124 Riviera St.  Jacksonville, FL  32207 (904) 398-7668

2013 update: We now edit, retouch, print and mount competition prints for other photographers! Most recently an image we printed won the Kodak gallery award!

NEWS: Dan Harris won 3 'Accolade of Excellence' awards
at the yearly WPPI international print competition in Las Vegas
His prints scored: 83, 84 and 85.

WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photographers International
Yearly 16x20 Print Competition
(2006: 2,500 entries, aprox: 200 awards)

Here's what the judges look for:

The judges base their scores on a combination of the following qualities: creativity, impact, storytelling, technical excellence, lighting, posing, expression, print quality, composition and title.


• Highest quality technical execution.

• Proper exposure for the mood and subject matter pictured.

• Flawless presentation -excellent spotting, retouching and finishing technique with clean, professional mounting and/or matting.


• Is the placement and arrangement of subject matter well handled?

• Is the posing believable and flattering?

• Are the finer points of the posing (hands and feet, for example) well handled?


• A fresh and imaginative approach to the subject matter.


• Does the photograph have strong visual appeal?

• What elements hold the viewer’s eye within the confines of the print?

• Is the visual approach special or unique?

• Does the image “grab and hold” the judges’ attention?


• What makes the photograph different from other entries? What makes it stand out?

• Is the image unique? Does it possess individuality and originality?


• Use of creative mounting can enhance the impact of your photograph.

• Matting or submount colors should enhance and modify the print image.

• Print presentation should be flawless; mounting, spotting, retouching, matting, etc.

• Mounting and presentation techniques should never overpower your print.

• Prints previously submitted to other print competitions usually show signs of wear and tear -bent corners or scratches in the print surface, etc. Judges are expecting to see original, pristine presentations and will deduct from the scores of damaged or worn prints.


• Mastery of the lighting with a full range of highlights, shadows and midtones with detail throughout.

• Good modeling and three-dimensionality of subject features.

• Does the light create a mood?


• Does the print communicate a message or story, or impart information in a visually interesting way?

• Does the image design support the subject matter?

• A strong storytelling statement should be apparent.


• Excellent range of tones and optimal print contrast

• Color fidelity and true color quality of skin and subject tones.

• “Unnoticeable” burning and dodging or other print manipulations.

Scoring Points:


70-75 Below Average -Requires improvement in technique.

76-79 Average -Average professional skill and technique.

(Scores of 80 or above will receive an 'Accolade of Excellence')

80-84 Above Average -High standard of professional skill, creativity and technique.

85-89 Excellent -Excellent use of imagination, skill and technique.

90-94 Exceptional -Exhibiting exceptional skills in all areas.

95-99 Extraordinary -Superlative excellence in imagination, creativity and technique.

100 Superior -Best possible use of all skills and creativity; new, fresh, unique.

I abide by the following:


jacksonville florida photography1. I will conform to the highest ethical and technical standards in the practice of my profession, striving constantly to improve my artistic abilities as a professional photographer.

2. I will make no misleading promises or advertisements concerning services offered, and will be prompt in meeting all photographic schedules.

3. I will use only high quality, dependable equipment, film and accessories, which I will test regularly and maintain in good working condition.

4. I will always have spare equipment available to use in case of emergencies.

5. I will attend each event neatly dressed and groomed in attire appropriate for the occasion, photographing the occasion in a dignified, professional and unobtrusive manner.

6. My role as a photographer will be conducted, at all times, in accordance with WPPI standards, in keeping with the dignity of the occasion, and in harmony with the environment.

7. I will build rapport both personally and professionally with my clientele to make the photographic experience as meaningful as possible.

8. I will always honor my promise as an honest businessperson and will make every effort to satisfy my imaging clientele with excellent service.

9. When conducting wedding photography services, I will make every effort to provide each bride with a photographic record of her wedding which meets these standards.

10. At weddings, I will conduct myself in accordance with the doctrines and customs of each particular House of Worship, and will conform to prevailing regulations pertaining to the taking of photographs before, during, and after the wedding ceremony.


 Photo on the left was taken at the Disco Night dance at the 2000 WPPI convention in Las Vegas. Reprinted from WPPI Photography Monthly.


Photo on the right was taken on Halloween 1999.



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