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Standard Retouching

By Jacksonville Florida Photographer Dan Harris

Included on album enlargements and Grade B reprints.

Standard retouching is included on album enlargements and on grade B reprints at the discretion of the photographer. Opening of the eyes, head swapping from one picture to another, removal of naturally occurring character lines and/or wrinkles, removal or insertation of objects or people and removal of face shine may be additional. On all our retouching, we work to keep the photo looking as natural as possible while correcting temporary blemishes or facial imperfections which occasionally are exagerated by the angle of the light or the contrast of the film. On the above photo we kept the facial shine as it adds to the realism of a warm summers dance.

Since the advent of digital editing on computers everyone is trying their hand at retouching and manipulation. It's fun to play with, but you soon realize it takes a real skill. There is an art to manipulating images successfully. Too many people, without any formal training, are doing digital editing. If you can look at a photograph (without seeing the original) and can tell that it has been retouched or manipulated then you have a quality problem.

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