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By Jacksonville Photographer Dan Harris

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"We will not only capture the best and most memorable moments of your wedding day but also many that you didn't expect. We will be a pleasant part of your whole wedding day experience."

We are authentic and realistic and our work is timeless, we treat you right and insure you get the best possible. Less hype = better reality. Don't settle for less.

~ Your day . . .Your way! ~
"Everything we do is customized for you!"

"Capturing the distinguishing moments!
. . . for a lifetime of memories!"

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Vintage 1997 B&W Flower Petal Toss -still a classic!

Lasting Photographs help Preserve Your Memories

After the flowers have faded, the moments remembered on your unique wedding day past, will be shared and remembered through archival photographs that last.

Stress Free Wedding Photography

The wedding day you've dreamed of should not only be elegant, beautiful and fun, but also stress-free! We'll worry about the photography so you don't have to! Our unobtrusive artistic style insures you'll get great wedding photographs of what really happened atmoca jax wedding your wedding instead of just what the photographer posed. We will worry about getting great pictures so you can have fun and enjoy your wedding day!

We don't forget what your day is really about. We won't make you conform to our schedule, but will work with yours. (We don't want to be the 'Dictator of Events'!) We don't make you take photos 3 hours before your ceremony and you don't have to see the groom beforehand either! We won't keep you away from your friends and guests all day for a major production modeling photo shoot! (we could do that on any other day!) Our customizable wedding photography packages and archival albums insure you get exactly what YOU want! Your day... Your way!


The best memories of your wedding day will be relived by the photos of the genuine loving look, laugh, tear or hug captured as a fleeting moment in time. You will find, over time, that the realistic and natural photojournalistic photographs will be your favorites. Faked, posed & contrived wedding-day photos (although pretty) can keep you from your guests and ruin your wedding day plans.

wedding in jacksonvilleIf you don't get your wedding covered properly to begin with, you won't have anything but regrets to work with later. The bitterness of poor coverage & low quality remain long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Being able to unobtrusively take great wedding-day photographs is a gift that not all photographers posses. With that gift comes the responsibility to always do it right! That is our commitment to you! We are not just a boring 'documentation' photographer (we leave that to the government evidence technicians) we want to tell your real wedding-day story by capturing the unique essence of your event (the people, the places, the details) as they really happened.

Artistic Photo-journalistic Style

Preferences in photography styles can be very personal and subjective. I specialize in an eclectic photojournalism (realistic) style (including real Black & White) without limiting your options because I also allow you to choose your favorite emphasis including: cross-lit color candids, location details, expansive scenics, window-lit bridal, artsy extreme, story-telling series, soft-focused portraits, natural-looking posed groups, fun cut-up shots and/or casual group shots.

My assistant photographer and I use up to 5 different cameras insuring a unique variety of angles, style and backup. The unique quality of my versatile photojournalistic style of photography is more costly to produce than 'color-only' wedding photography, --but of course, I don't charge you extra for it!



Professional Photography

As you prepare for that magic day beware of your distant relative that may try to convince you they can play "wedding photographer for a day." Trusting your memories to the inexperienced won't save anything but usually comes with a very high price. (Say in a high voice: OH NO Uncle Bill!) Professional photography isn't expensive ~it's priceless. I have created this website to give you the information needed to help you make the right decision on your wedding photographer, even if it isn't me.

Your wedding day will be filled with unforgettable 'once-in-a-lifetime' moments that you'll want to relive and sharedowntown jacksonville wedding. No matter what your budget or style preferences. My unique photographic ability insures that the essence of you, your relationships and your event are preserved so you will have hundreds of professional images (in black & white, color, sepia and mixed effects) from which to create your heirloom album.


I create your images with a unique high-definition photography process (as good or better than medium-format film) this insures that you will get superior-quality images that allow for post-production creative options without quality degradation. I scan and digitize any film negatives I may shoot at your event and have all your proofs online 3-4 weeks after your wedding! I offer 'up-to-date' products that don't compromise on quality. I only use professional wedding vendors for supplies and processes.

All products are 100% guaranteed, no problem, no worries!

Get what you want!

My flexibility insures that you get exactly what you want! Half the photos in color and half in black and white? -No problem! Less formals and more candids? -Great! You don't want the groom to see you before the ceremony? -Not a problem! It's YOUR DAY, have it YOUR WAY! Too many wedding vendors use the 'cookie-cutter' approach to weddings where they impose their ideas and policies upon you. Too often the vendor's proceedures of how it 'shall' be done have been written to make it easier on themselves instead of what works best for you. Base your decision on what YOU like and who has an artistic connection and adaptability to give you what YOU want. You'll be glad you did! (also see photojournalism vs. traditional wedding photography.)

Photojounalistic Style Color AND B&W.

Customized and Personalized Service

No two weddings are alike just like no two photographers are alike. I work closely with you (before, during and after the event) to insure that I create what is important to you with an unobtrusive pleasant personality style that enhances your day. I don't believe your wedding day should be a 'modeling photo session' ~we could do that on any other day. Nor do I think a photographer needs to be 'bossy'. (Beware the "photo-nazi"!* Don't let the photographer dictate the events of your unique day!)

I won't try to impress you with fancy titles, awards, degrees and fancy studio setups because when all is said and done they mean very little if the end result isn't what YOU wanted.

Choosing the Photographer who's Right for You

There are as many different types of photographers as there are different types of brides... it takes some homework to find the one who's right for you. Too many brides end up manipulated into following the herd and later regret having a photographer who forced them into doing things they never planned to do on their wedding day. (like being taken away from their friends & family for 'posed' photos, being late to their own party, being made to lay on the floor with the bridal party in a frumpy and chaotic fashion, etc.)

When looking for a photographer only look at reputable ones with good business practises. Start with their photos, look at hundreds of his/her images & albums. After viewing the thousands of images on my complete website you should have a good idea of what I do. If you like my STYLE of photography then you will love what I can do for you at your wedding! Next comes PERSONALITY and temperament, you will spend one of the most important days of your life with your photographer --be sure to get a pleasant, unobtrusive one that you feel comfortable with! (get someone who's cool & fun -it will show in the photos)

Then look at the QUALITY of the albums, frames, prints and workmanship details. Brown-toned print from B/W negMoney spent on inferior quality products is money wasted! Finally, PRICE in relationship to the value received. I make sure that you get your moneys worth! Beware the budget... don't spend all your money on things that won't last.


Realistic Images

Too often a photographer is chosen only after looking at their top 10 'exceptional, award-wining' photos of all time or the best album they have ever assembled. These images may only represent 1% of all the photos the photographer has ever taken. You may be disappointed when only 1% of your photos are as good as the exceptional ones you were shown. It would be better to look at a lot of their 'typical' photos then you will have a more realistic view of what they will be able to do for you. Click on this link to see some of my typical photos from a photojournalism wedding in both color and black & white.

Flower Power! In all her glory!

Professional Top-Quality Products

Don't compromise on the quality or quantity of professional photographs taken on your wedding day. One of your most important wedding keepsakes (besides each other) will be your professional photographs.

Your once-in-a-lifetime wedding deserves unique, specialized services (paleeeaze: no cookie-cutters here). You'll be glad we allow flexibility in the creation and preservation of your treasured remembrances in a top-of-the-line, heirloom wedding album. (Manufactured by Americas premier 50+ year-old album manufacturer ~ ArtLeather.) As the years go by, you will really appreciate our quality workmanship - -we use NO 2nd-rate materials, no double-stick tape or acidic glues but only approved library conservation processes to preserve your photographs.

No turning back now!

Whether you choose our top-quality Contemporary Art Albums (view a sample here) or our more traditional matted wedding albums they all possess a classical, understated elegance that subtly enhances and protects the photographs without distracting from them and will remain in-style for generations to come.

Our albums are designed to last, all album photos are UV coated to make them water resistant and protect them from fingermarks, oils, stains, scratches, etc. In our matted albums every photo is double-matted so they don't rub against each other. We take some extra archival steps in the production of each album to insure heirloom permanence and lasting memories! All our albums are top-of-the-line quality, no matter the size of your package, we refuse to sell cheaper, lower-quality, inferior products.

Painless poses at Epping!Let's Meet

Because my services are exclusively unique, I am only able to do a limited number of events each year. As one of Floridas most in-demand photographers my 2007/08 calendar is already filling up. When you contract my services, I am your exclusive photographer for the day, (I don't sub-contract weddings to other photographers).

If you like what you see, let's get together before someone else books your date! When we meet I will show you what quality-issues to be aware of and how to insure you get your money's worth. Please call or E-mail me to see if I still have your wedding date available and to set up a meeting to see some actual photos and albums. I look forward to sitting down with you, your fiancee', (andmaybe even your friend/your planner and/or your parents) to chat about great pictures.Ponte Vedra Inn & Club


This website isn't just another 'flashy billboard' on the information super highway! It is full of information and samples to help you in your photography quest. I design and maintain this website myself --it's 100% 'home-grown!' It's not as slick as the "snazzy" ones the big designers get paid the big bucks to fabricate, it's not perfect but it's very functional and contains 87% less hype, 98% less fluff and only contains a minimal amount of cheese! It should give you a good idea of what it's like to work with me ~professional, but fun!

Your album will be created from hundreds of true-to-life images captured throughout your Wedding Day in a variety of styles and will be archivally united with your choice of wedding album pages and picture frame styles creating a unique artistic heirloom that you will cherish for many years to come!

Capturing all the elegance and beauty of your unique day in a natural, spontaneous and fun way!

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*(for those unfamiliar with Seinfeld's 'soup-nazi' He was a very controlling and dominating supplier that was easily upset and was often heard to say, "No soup for you!" --not the kind of person you need at your wedding!)


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